Our Mission of Recovery is a Movement

The LGBTQ Home for Hope’s very existence is a “Movement”.

We don’t shout it from roof tops – Our Voices remain low and humble.
We don’t picket or protest – Our Voices remain Compassionate & Loving.

Our voices match our actions.

We are on the streets and on the strolls.
We are in the abandoned buildings, the crack houses, the traps.
We are in the bars, and the clubs.
We are in the dysfunctional households.
We are in the “Rooms” – the meeting rooms.
We are in the Air.

Our Actions are Our Voices!

Our actions, our Recovery, since September of 2015, have spread our work of recovery in every crevice of Philadelphia, Wilmington, Baltimore, Washington DC, and New York.  People in the LGBTQ Community know about us and come to us.

Our actions are simple.
– Open Arms
– Love
– Understanding